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San Martín del Tesorillo

Privileged place ideal for rest situated between the mountains, the beach and in the river Guadiaro Guadiaro Valley.

Next to Sotogrande and major natural parks Cazorla, Grazalema Strait among others, is certainly the enchanted valley we have all ever thought.

At the foot of the Sierra de Ronda and bathed guadiaro Hozgarganta River and is the best place to visit if you're looking nature.

Surrounded by orange groves, golf and polo is ideal for rest and most desired by willing to rest under the best views of the Andalusian sky traveler entertainment.

Today is a Local Autonomous Entity, after many years of relying Jimena de la Frontera.

The entering San Martin del Tesorillo is illuminated by the Andalusian Burning, relaxation and immense option difrutar field, river and sea.

These are some of the espectaculare views of San Martin del Tesorillo at dawn, dusk ... and even though it is not often one year it snowed around.


  • The appellation of its oranges, known as the 'Little Valencia'.
  • Larga st
 San Martín del Tesorillo - Calle Larga San Martín del Tesorillo - Calle Larga 
  • The "Cottage" of the Marquis of Larios

San Martín del Tesorillo - Casa de los Marqueses de Larios


  • The patron saint festivities are celebrated on the day of Corpus Christi in June.

A little of history

The existence of human settlements in the area where today latches San Martin del Tesorillo is linked to the development of Guardiaro River. So in their proximidadeshan been found archaeological remains of Roman and Arabic cultures.

The founding of San Martín process is defined by the appearance of a series of facts.

On 20 November 1869 José Alvarez de Toledo y Silva, Duke of Medina Sidonia sells the Marquis de Larios several estates including the estate is Montenegral Under.

In 1872 the first irrigation canals are constructed and begin the first settlements in the area. This increase in the number of settlers has its effect in 1879, with the declaration and creation of the Rural Tesorillo Colony.

In 1882 the construction of new irrigation canals is authorized, this year also the home of the Larios family in Cologne is built.

Later in 1887 this farm joins with others in the Industrial and Agricultural Company Guadiaro (SIAG) going to be called Colonia SAN MARTIN DEL TESORILLO.

San Martín del Tesorillo - Barco
In front of San Martin del Tesorillo (Cádiz) is the Neighborhood of El Secadero (Málaga). The distance between them is only 700 meters away. Halfway find separating these two localities Guadirao river and back in the year 30, and the only way to cross the river was in this boat.






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